About us – everything you need to know about the online casino experts

Hello and welcome to slotscat.com your group of online casino experts. We are a Canadian-based group that is 100% independent from many of the casino guides you can find on the Internet. We take pride in providing quality information to Canadian players and giving them unbiased opinions about the various games that emerge in the industry. 

With our expert assistance, we provide in-depth information on various games, casinos, and the industry itself. While gambling does have games of skills, gambling still has probability to it all as well. Our goal is that the information we provide to you will allow you to have the best odds of success as you can. Beyond that, we also go into specific details on which casinos you should focus on based on our own experience.

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Who Are We

As mentioned, we are a group of online casino experts aiming to support Canadian players by providing an online gambling guide for a wide range of games and casinos. Through these game guides, you will have a better understanding of the games as well as the casino operator. This will help you in making good decisions and succeeding in the casino industry.

Our Team Of Experts

All members on our team of experts have a passion for gambling. They know how to gamble in a safe manner while leveraging every advantage that is offered to them. Many of our team have been in the industry for years now and have played in many physical and online casinos.

Beyond that, they also have backgrounds in casino operations such as security, quality control, compliance, marketing, and entertainment. Through this extensive knowledge and experience, we’re able to provide quality information that can help guide you.

Our Mission

As more online casinos are opening up, gambling has become more accessible to the world at large. And while there has been a spike of casino operations, there is also a spike in casinos scamming and committing fraud.

Our mission is to help both new and veteran players navigate through the sea of casinos and make sound decisions. We want to be your gaming authority that determines whether a casino is legitimate or a scam.

This concept also applies to the various games that emerge as well. While games themselves go through more rigorous testing, there are some games that are better than others in certain respects. This can be slightly better payout odds or merely a game with more entertainment value than others.

Overall, SlotsCat want to ensure you can potentially earn a profit and if not at least enjoy your time at a casino.

Our Goal

Further expanding from our mission, our goal is to be able to make the world of gambling as transparent and honest as possible. We won’t deny that gambling addiction is a problem and can ruin people financially and personally. It’s for this reason we take it seriously and go to great lengths to emphasize the importance of responsible gambling.

Furthermore, because SlotsCat want unbiased opinions, we don’t receive any sort of gambling commission from the casinos that we recommend. While we have played at many of the casinos mentioned, you can rest easy that we’ll provide honest and quality information to help guide you and make the best decision possible.

What We Do

As mentioned above, our team comprises those in the fields of casino operations such as security, quality control, compliance, marketing, and entertainment. Here is a breakdown of what each role will cover:

How Do We Rate And Review

When giving a rate, casino review and gambling guides, our online casino experts check for seven big criteria. These and the details are as follows:

From those details, we calculate a score and give you a rating out of 5.

How this rating is determined is based on the weight of those seven categories that we check. Each of these categories have higher value than others and that is based on our own knowledge of the casino industry. On top of that, we also base our ratings from the feedback of other players as well.