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Every Online Casino and land-based Casino has Progressive Slot Machines! Here are some basic concepts that are good to review once in a while.

It is the dream of every slot player to win one of the big progressive slots' jackpots. The good news is that the odds of winning such a jackpot is much better than those for winning a lottery. Huge jackpots are won all the time. Who knows, the next lucky player might be you. It's true that the odds are better than winning the lottery, but the odds of winning a slots progressive are very low anyway, but if you don't play, you will never win. There is nothing wrong in going after that big prize with a portion of your gambling money once in a while. Remember, Progressive Slots can be found both online and at land-based casinos.

There are many varieties of progressive slot machines. Knowing which is which will help you pick the one that's most advantageous to play. An individual progressive slot machine is one where the size of its jackpot is determined by the slot betting at that particular slot machine only.

Linked Progressive Slot Machines are linked to other machines that communicate electronically to contribute to one common jackpot that can grow into the millions of dollars. As more players play, the jackpot grows. More players, more jackpot money, it's that simple.

Throughout many land-based casinos there are often several banks of progressive slots of similar or identical machines that offer jackpots of considerably different sizes. We suggest that you risk your money on the one that pays the most. The same applies when you're shopping for an individual progressive. Always go for the highest jackpot available.

Always play maximum coins on progressive slot machines. If you don't bet the maximum amount of coins and you hit the jackpot, you won't win the jackpot! Period, end of story, and you will hate yourself for not playing the maximum amount of coins. If you want to play one coin at a time in order to stretch your playing session, don't choose a progressive slot. Playing progressive machines means you have to bet maximum coins, every spin.

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