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The two basic types of slot machines are the Progressive Slots and the Straight Slots. The straight slots have rigid payoffs that rarely vary while the progressive slot machines not only have the standard payoffs, but also feature an additional payoff commonly known as the PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT which increases with each bet. Some progressives are tied to banks or carousels of machines so that a coin fed into any one of a bank of slots will increase the progressive jackpot.

For Online Casinos, progressives are linked to the progressive slots of other online casinos by the software vendor of the online casinos themselves. It's a little complicated to explain, but basically when someone bets at the Riverbelle, for example, all the other online casinos that are hosting that particular progressive will see an increase in the progressive jackpot across all online casinos that are hosting that same online progressive. These online jackpots are growing every minute of every day.

  Is There A Difference Between Online And Offline Slot Machines?

Online Slot Machines are basically the same as the slots we see in land-based casinos. Of course you can't kick a terribly tight slot machine online as you can when in a brick-and-mortar casino. Both have a computerized Random Number Generator (RNG) built into the system. Therefore, the odds are theoretically the same even though there are some online casinos claiming that their odds are better than land-based casinos. This can be statistically verified.

Also, the progressive slot's jackpot also increases as bets are made either online, as in the case of online slot machines, or offline, as in the case of land-based slot machines. Both online and offline slot machines are available 24 hours a day, have great multi-media sounds and images, and they both payout any winnings immediately at the land-based casino or electronically to your online casino account. From your online casino account the money can be transferred to one of several options. You can have the money transferred to your credit card, bank or a third party account such as a Money Bookers.

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