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There are many types of strategies or approaches as we like to call them, that could be practiced when playing slots online or offline. Here are some to get you thinking about how you should approach this worldwide, highly popular game. The strategies below assume that you have decided what your session bankroll is. For example, you could start with a session bankroll of $100 or $500 depending on your economic situation and motivation to win. If you lose your session bankroll, you quit gambling, don't go to the ATM machine and get more money. Or if you are playing online, don't add more money to your account for now. You should also decide upon a win limit. In other words, if you start with a $100 and have $200 in an hour and a half, YOU QUIT PLAYING AND WALK AWAY. Take your profits and take a break - KNOW WHEN TO WALK AWAY.

Once Only Approach: Play a set amount of money at a slot machine only ONCE, i.e., let's say your session backroll is $100 which is the total amount to put into the slot machine at this gambling session. You play only that $100 and you don't replay any coins that you have won. After you have played your bankroll through the machine, take any winnings and QUIT. This approach gives you an absolute guarantee that you won't leave any slot machine empty-handed and in many cases a winner or even a jackpot.

One Half Approach: Start at a $5 slot machine and play half of your session bankroll and stop playing to count your money. If the amount in the coin tray plus the half of your session bankroll that you didn't play exceeds your initial session bankroll amount, play the other half of your session bankroll. Of course at online casinos, there is a running total of credits that you have, so you will have to keep track with a calculator or even a paper and pencil.

If it does not total your initial session bankroll, start playing at a machine (in this case, say a $1 machine) that is lower than the betting denomination you started playing. At this slot machine, play one-half of what's left of your starting bankroll and then QUIT PLAYING. As before, count the money you have won and add it to what remains of your original stake. If the combined total exceeds your starting bankroll, step up to a $5 machine once again. If your combined winnings don't equal or exceed your original bankroll, step down to the next denomination slot machine (a quarter machine) and repeat the process.

Fixed Percentage Approach: Play a fixed percentage of your bankroll for each pull of the slot machine. For example, let's say your session bankroll is $100, and you are playing a $1 machine. Play a maximum of five percent of your session bankroll each time, so you would play up to five coins on the first pull.

If you win, continue to play at five percent. If not, then you limit your next pull to five percent of what remains of your bankroll. Quit when you have lost half of your initial session bankroll or if you are winning, when your last ten pulls have yielded no winnings.

All Or Nothing Approach: Use this strategy when you are relatively certain that you have chosen a loose machine. Play your entire bankroll through the slot machine. It doesn't matter if you are winning or losing, just play your total session bankroll. What you are trying to do is to make the slot machine pay you a very nice mid-level jackpot. If you are lucky enough to have chosen a truly loose slot machine (online or offline), you may receive more than one good-sized jackpot.

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