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Your first goal is not to win, but to learn the average number of spins it takes for the slot machine you are playing to pay off 10X of your bet. In the learning phase, you should use the smallest bet possible which is usually one cent or five cents.

Get the machine spinning until the slot machine pays off 10X or more on a single win. Do not count any win less than 10X.

When the slot machine hits the 10X or greater payoff on a single spin, write down the number of spins it took to win. Then start over with a zero spin count and begin counting spins again. When the machine pays off 10X or more write down the number of spins it took to do so again.

Do this six times. Now you have six numbers on your paper that represent the number of spins it took to reach a 10X or more payout. Mark out the largest number on the paper. The second largest number left now is what we call the KEY LEVEL.

What To Do With The KEY LEVEL - Coming Soon

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